Monday, 18 August 2008

First things First

Blogging is a a relatively new term to me. Yes i had heard of it and i knew it was a big thing but until a few months a go the only blogs i ever read were football blogs (I'll come to that later on). The only food blog i ever read was Dani Spies blog which i accidentally discovered on Youtube, and i have to say i have her to thank for this. It was only last month i discovered she had links on the side for other blogs so i clicked, and as i clicked i discovered more and more blogs. The more i discovered the more amazed and inspired i got. Whilst sitting in my inspired, discovery mode i had a few alarm bells going off in my head saying 'Hey why don't i do one'. I mean why not hey? But what would i write about? Well what do i enjoy doing and thinking about the most? FOOD! Okay that's a lie football and food, but i don't think I'll get too many views droning on about football :)

Now before I go waffling on i think i should tell you a little about myself. To state the obvious: I love cooking!. My style of cooking varies, i cook anything and everything, however coming from an Indian heritage more often then not we cook Indian food at home, but i have a family who are EXTREMELY fussy eaters so I'm limited as too what i can make.

My aim with this blog is to cook new dishes i have never tried before, maybe even force my brothers to eat things they've never tried before. With this aim I'd like to develop my skills as an individual and teach others at the same time. So please feel free to join me on my journey :)

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