Sunday, 16 November 2008


Okay, so i haven't blogged as soon as i thought i would.

A few reasons for this: Too much going on at home and unfortunately i haven't learnt how to prioritise between work, home and blogging. Fortunately however, I'm learning and now my comps fixed my laptop won't be hogged by my brothers and i can finally start blogging.

My second reason: Pictures. I am as you might already know or might come to find out a bit of a perfectionist. After reading blogs over the past year and looking at the beautiful pictures posted, i have come to realise the best pictures are the ones taken in natural light, which is a bit of a no-brainer. Unfortunately winter has almost descended upon us and by the time i get home, when i cook most of my meals, it's too dark to take pictures. I haven't really found a solution to this apart from taking pictures at the weekend or my days off. even these aren't too fantastic, but i'm hoping to improve over time.

I have a few recipes i can finally post, not the ones i might have selected as my first recipe post, but if i carry on being picky i'll never end up posting. I ask of you this: Please bear with me. Thank you.

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