Monday, 2 March 2009

Magic Corn

I don’t know about you, but I have this weird habit, that when I go out to eat or eat something which I am not able to obtain the recipe for I sit there and try to dissect what has gone into the food so I can recreate it when I get home.

I don’t always get it right, but on some occasions I do. Lemon chilli sweet corn is one of the simpler ideas I’ve picked up. I wouldn’t call it a dish, more a snack. It’s so simple to put together, within minutes you’ll have a nice yummy snack. I’m warning you though this really has a kick to it, so if you don’t like spicy food then please omit the cayenne pepper or use less of it.


250g Frozen Sweetcorn – You can use tinned if you like or fresh from a cob if in season.

1 heaped Tbsn Cayenne Pepper

¼ Tspn Salt

1 heaped Tspn Mixed ground coriander and cumin (Dhana Jeeru) – If you don’t have mixed just mix half Tspn of each.

1 Tbsn Fresh coriander.

1. Boil Sweet corn for 3-4 mins until tender all the way through. Try not to do it for longer as the sweetcorn often becomes hard and chewy.

2. Strain water.

3.Whilst still hot toss in the rest of the ingredients. Make sure all the spices are well incorporated.

4. Let the sweetcorn stand for a min, so the flavours can amalgamate with each other.

5. Sprinkle with coriander.

6. Enjoy.

I realise I haven’t posted anything substantial yet. Like I said before, a little difficult with the lighting. And going through everybody else’s amazing blog’s I’m a little bit intimidated. But I shall post soon (hopefully).

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